I heart when black women resist being oppressed by ignorant folks. A few months ago, rapper A$AP Rocky made disparaging remarks about dark-skinned black women. He stated that he didn’t think dark black women should wear red lipstick.
Black women bloggers have flipped the script and started The #DarkSkinRedLipProject featuring everyday black women sporting their favorite red lipstick (from their tumblr):

About the DSRL Project

You may think or have even heard someone say that girls with darker skin complexions shouldn’t wear pink or red lipsticks. (Most recently in the media ASAP Rocky) Some just state their opinion, but most times its said in a rude way out of ignorance. 
The key to rocking a beautiful red or pink lip is all in finding the right shade for your complexion.

So For Brown Girls will be putting together the largest collection of Dark Skinned girls rocking their favorite red lip to put an end to the stigma that exists with brown complexion and colors (makeup). 
There, a darker skinned girl hesitant to try a red lip will find confidence to step out of her comfort zone. She may also find suggestions on which shade she should try that will fit her complexion.

Ignorant males & people who have that belief in general will also be silenced to see so many beautiful dark complexioned women rocking their reds!

Reject A$AP Rocky’s colonized mentality by hitting him in his pockets and stop supporting him financially. He has since tried to clean up his comments, but it’s too late son.

As Maya Angelou so eloquently observed, “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”