Don Lemon

Well, I’m sure folks have heard about Don Lemon’s comments and the subsequent backlash…Folks have clowned him well enough, so there’s not much left for me to say. As I wrote to Romany Malco (who made similar comments a couple of weeks ago), I reject that black folks are responsible for white racism. Black folks could speak the Queen’s English, wear suits and ties, have 100% wedding rates/in “wedlock” births and white racists would still complain. Why? Because that’s what racists do. You can never make those people happy.

The Rosewood Massacres are a good example of white racist hatred. By 1915, Rosewood was mostly an all black town. The community thrived and prospered. The residents did the “right things” they were told to do as American citizens. They started their own businesses, married/had families, didn’t sag, etc. They never asked for handouts  (as this tends to be white racist rhetoric). Yet, all it took was for a white woman to utter a few words, and the whole town was burned to the ground. Here was a community of black folks that minded their business, and was wiped out in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter to white racists if you have been a “good” black person all your life. White supremacy gives white folks the luxury to believe what they want about “colored” people. If they decide you are up to no good, they can/will destroy your community/hang you up from the nearest tree. Strange fruit, indeed.  There are numerous stories of black communities being harassed/burned out because some white racist just wasn’t happy. Hell, sometimes it makes them even angrier when black folks do better than them. So, all the black folks in America could do the “white right thing,” and white racists would still be miserable.  They would look for any opportunity  to bother, arrest, or shot us in the back as we walked from the store.  Because dot dot dot THAT’S WHAT THEY DO!

Don Lemon is a fool…

P.S. In 1997, John Singleton made a film about the tragedy of Rosewood. It was okay. I hope another director revisits this story. It’s an important part of American history, that should never be forgotten:




TransParent; A Story of Loss in a Community Misunderstood

As someone who is a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) artist, I encourage women of color (of all self-identified genders/sexualities) to write, self-publish, make their own movies, etc.  Because if they don’t tell their stories, no one else will. I’m happy to promote “TransParent; A Story of Loss in a Community Misunderstood” a new film written by queer activist Natasha T. Miller:

“TransParent is a film about the life of Shelley “Treasure” Hilliard, a Detroit 19-year-old girl, beloved by her family and friends. TransParent is a film about Shelley’s murder, about a hate crime that wasn’t prosecuted as one. TransParent is about the struggle to forgive. TransParent is about Detroit. TransParent is about projections and perceptions and communities misrepresented and misunderstood. TransParent is about incredible beauty and horrific violence. TransParent is about a grieving mother and her commitment to honor her daughter, Treasure.”

If you can afford to contribute a few dollars to her project, please do so!! Miller has met her initial goal, but I’m sure some extra funds wouldn’t hurt  🙂

TLC Movie Trailer

Yeah, TLC couldn’t sing a lick. But who cares? They had great chemistry and made good pop tunes. Their music is the soundtrack to my high school years. I miss the early 90’s! I would encourage folks to watch the documentary, “The Last Days of Left Eye.” The ending is alarming, but the film shows the complexity and intelligence of Lisa “Left Eye”Lopes. RIP Left Eye….

“I don’t want your number (no)
I don’t want to give you mine and (no)
I don’t want to meet you nowhere (no)
I don’t want none of your time and (no).”

Update: Summer Reading

So, the library STILL doesn’t have a copy of “Ghana Must Go.” It’s the second book on my summer reading list. It must be damned good, for folk to keep it wayyy past due date 😉 I am going to have to skip ahead to the next book “All Decent Animals,” by Oonya Kempadoo. If folks have already started “Ghana…” that’s okay.  As long as we are reading! I hope to post a review of “Sister Citizen” soon. Whew! So many books, so little time 🙂




I would strongly recommend folks read the book first. “Half of a Yellow Sun” was written by Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.  I hope the new film does the book justice. It’s a complex tale of twin sisters, who choose very different paths, during the Nigerian-Biafran War.

The movie features Anika Noni Rose, who I have a girl crush on 🙂 She is such an underrated actress.  She also rarely gets props for being Disney’s first Black Princess:

I bet she will be amazing in this film:

The Watsons Go to Birmingham: Featurette

Some folks think Civil Rights Movement movies are passé. Personally, I don’t think these stories get told enough. And with the recent attack on the Voting Right Act (a hard-won battle of the CRM), are we really that far removed from those oppressive times? In celebration of the  50th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement, Hallmark Channel will present “The Watsons Go To Birmingham,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere on Friday, September 20 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C). Since it’s the Hallmark channel, expect the movie to be a bit sensitized. But it’s still an important watch, none the less…


Randomness: Grimm Casting Call for Extras

This past weekend, I applied to be an extra on “Grimm.” The show is filmed in my city. I stood in line for almost two hours.  In the hot azz sun. I enjoyed chatting with folks, though. Many people were newbies, like me. Nothing exciting happened. They just took my information and snapped a photo. Crossing my fingers, I get picked! I think I would make a fabulous monster  🙂

The Walking Dead: Season Four

I don’t have cable. So, it’s just recently that I got a chance to watch the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, on Netflix. Of course, I was immediately hooked. I love all things sci-fi, horror, and action packed. I have read the grumblings of some hardcore fans that think the show is far less superior than the comics, but what can you do. Let’s be real, even on cable television, there’s only so much they can/will show. The comic is pretty graphic.  Personally, I think the show is good, not perfect, but interesting at least.

I haven’t watched the third season yet, so need to catch up, but the trailer for the upcoming season looks da bomb (yep, breaking out the 90’s slang):

My one issue  with the show has been the lack of diversity of characters. It has been especially strange, as the show takes place in the ATL (Atlanta, GA). Only one black person (T-Dog) in the initial group of survivors? Umm, okay. With this trailer, it’s nice to see more black folks in the mix, especially black women. It looks like we get a badass character in Michonne, played by Danai Gurira:


I’ve read that in the comics, Michonne is horribly sexually assaulted. I know comic fans have been upset, the show has not stayed true to the  book, but I wouldn’t mind if this was left out. Heck, I wish it wasn’t in the comic to begin with. Why are black women characters always being depicted as downtrodden/beaten/raped.  It’s like they can only have a complex black woman character, if she’s been degraded in some type of way. Eh…but other than that, looking forward to seeing more of this new actress 🙂