Angela Y. Davis at the University of Chicago – May 2013

I stumbled upon this YouTube video of Angela Y Davis at the University of Chicago. It’s a great speech….


I have never understood why Ciara has struggled so much in the music industry. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors, but what I do know, the black female soul singer has been pushed out (with a few exceptions, folks like Fantasia).  Ciara would seemingly fit in with today’s requirement of having video ready looks/body and barely there vocals. I mean RihannaAshanti, Keri Hilson, Cassie, etc.,  have all fared well. This is not a diss to these women, but rather an observation on how black women singers must sell looks/sex, rather than vocal ability. Thank goodness Aretha, Chaka, Whitney, and em came out back in the day.  We would probably never get to hear their soaring voices now.

While Ciara isn’t the best singer, she can tear up a dance floor. After Aaliyah’s death, it seemed Ciara would continue on her legacy, as the next r&b/dance/pop star.   I think every generation of black girls deserves to have their own Janet Jackson.  But as I noted, Ciara has struggled. She started off well with cuts like “Goodies” and “1,2 step” but seemed to lose her mojo. It was confusing, because Ciara’s natural dance abilities, should have put her on the map.  If I’m forced to know about Miley Cryus, I should see/hear Ciara!

I’m glad Ciara has rebounded with her new singles “Body Party” and “I’m Out.” While I find both videos problematic (just for a change, I would like to see a man strip tease/crawl for a woman and Nicki Minaj should’ve been more clever than using the n-word/b-word), it’s good to see Ciara back. There’s something womanish about Ciara this time around. And I mean that in a good way. She’s getting her grown woman on.  I ain’t mad at her. I hope she continues to evolve in her music/image.



For my fellow old heads, you will probably recognize the sample used in “Body Party,” is from this old 90’s cut: