Nicki Minaj on Marie Clarie

Interestingly, it’s the first time a female rapper has been on the cover of the magazine. Great for her.  I’m sure it helps to have a non  threatening look/sound. Minaj has changed so much from a beautiful brown/underground lyricist, to a commercial looking pop star. Sigh. But I will give her credit, reading excerpts from the article and other interviews, Minaj is a smart woman. Hopefully, she can parlay  her success into something that allows her to represent her talents/womanhood on a deeper level.

Beyoncé is featured on the Summer 2013 cover of FLAUNT

I am neither a stan/fan of BEYONCE. I have mixed feelings about some of the things she represents. However, she has some great photos in the current issue of Flaunt magazine.  I wish she would do more African (minus the blackface) inspired imagery. It works for her. It’s better than her current white washed look….

Winnie Mandela

I cringed when I heard Mary J Blige  was going to  play the brilliant Betty Shabazz in a lifetime film. I cringed when I saw pictures of Zoe Saldana in blackface for her portrayal of the high priestess of soulNina Simone. I cringed when I learned that Jennifer Hudson’s next role would be that of activist Winnie Mandela. It always seems to me that our black women icons aren’t taken seriously by Hollyweird. I can’t imagine someone like Britney Spears playing one of their beloved icons, like Janis Joplin. But I guess any old body can be ours.  I have nothing against the women I mentioned (well Zoe should know better), heck I’m a Mary J groupie!! But her as Betty Shabazz? Eh…

Winnie Mandela

The trailer for the upcoming “Winnie” film makes me less nervous, but praying the film truly represents the amazing Mandelas.