Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander is a black woman currently serving 20 years for firing warning shots (up in the air), to ward off an abusive ex-husband. Unlike George Zimmerman, Marissa was not allowed to use the Stand your ground law as her defense.  Support a black woman unjustly imprisoned.

You can personally write to Marissa in prison at this address:

Marissa Alexander #2012033887
500 East Adam St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

12 years a Slave

When I Googled Steve McQueen, the director of the new film “12 Years a Slave,” this image popped up:

I was confused, didn’t this man die years ago? I tweaked my search words and this image popped up:

Whew! I was worried there for  minute  🙂 In any case, the film looks good. Any respectful drama about slavery, is always going to look better than that horrid Django mess.  A film that was an insult to the slave experience.