The Walking Dead: Season Four

I don’t have cable. So, it’s just recently that I got a chance to watch the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, on Netflix. Of course, I was immediately hooked. I love all things sci-fi, horror, and action packed. I have read the grumblings of some hardcore fans that think the show is far less superior than the comics, but what can you do. Let’s be real, even on cable television, there’s only so much they can/will show. The comic is pretty graphic.  Personally, I think the show is good, not perfect, but interesting at least.

I haven’t watched the third season yet, so need to catch up, but the trailer for the upcoming season looks da bomb (yep, breaking out the 90’s slang):

My one issue  with the show has been the lack of diversity of characters. It has been especially strange, as the show takes place in the ATL (Atlanta, GA). Only one black person (T-Dog) in the initial group of survivors? Umm, okay. With this trailer, it’s nice to see more black folks in the mix, especially black women. It looks like we get a badass character in Michonne, played by Danai Gurira:


I’ve read that in the comics, Michonne is horribly sexually assaulted. I know comic fans have been upset, the show has not stayed true to the  book, but I wouldn’t mind if this was left out. Heck, I wish it wasn’t in the comic to begin with. Why are black women characters always being depicted as downtrodden/beaten/raped.  It’s like they can only have a complex black woman character, if she’s been degraded in some type of way. Eh…but other than that, looking forward to seeing more of this new actress 🙂



Celebrities interesting commentaries on Trayon Martin


Huh? What?!! I was shocked when I read Lupe Fiasco’s tweets about  the Zimmerman trial. I have never been a big fan of his, but I have always respected him as one of the rare “conscious” rappers in hip hop. I figured he would hit folks with some thoughtful commentary about the murder of Trayvon Martin. Eh…nope. I tweeted my displeasure with his comments. I was nervous, as it was the first time I tweeted a celebrity. I didn’t know how he would respond. But I all I got was –*crickets.*  I think he felt he said, all that needed to be said, about the incident. Personally, I thought his comment “the justice system relies on reasonable doubts, not our emotions,” odd.  Lupe has been  rightfully critical of the warmongering of President Obama. But now he just shrugs his shoulders, tells us to stop being emotional, and have faith in the system?  So, does that mean we should just have faith in the president? As I tweeted the rapper, “another one bites the dust.” Oh well, “Bitch Bad” wasn’t that great anyway…


As he was called on another blog, this z list actor wrote a boring letter to “Trayvon’s Sympathizers.”   Basically,  Malco feels if black folks just cleaned up our act (stop being “ghetto”) white folks will feel compelled to no longer shot us in the back. I reject the notion that I have a responsibility to make white folks not be racist towards me.  While I do find some elements of rap/hip hop culture problematic, white folks should have common sense to know that black folks aren’t monolithic.  And so what they are some “thug” images of black men out there? It  doesn’t give someone the right to shot them, because of what they have seen on TV.  The show Criminal Minds depicts white men as rapists/kidnappers/serial killers/sexually deviant every week. Is it okay for me to shot the next white man I see, for fear he will do one or all of the above things to me? The amusing irony of Malco’s finger wagging, he has played stereotypical roles of black men:

Drug dealer in “WEEDS”

Also, acting like a “nigga” in The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Malco claims he will be more contentious of the roles he takes in the future. Let’s see how long that lasts, when white Hollywood dangles those checks in his face.


After reading about Timbaland’s new apology song to Jay Z, looks like he doesn’t stand for anything. I am not an overly religious person, but I do like to think evil folks like Zimmerman get theirs, once they die. However, we can’t leave everything up to a God. Folks should take a stance against injustices, here on earth. Timbaland is trying to take the easy way out. Like Lupe, he  claims “we don’t know what really happened.” Uh, yeah we do. It was all recorded. Zimmerman didn’t stay in his car, as told.  His  insisted on following Trayvon because he was a young black man. This is the same guy who racially profiled a 7-year-old child.  You don’t know what happened? Yeah, okay. Don’t support Timbaland, he hasn’t had a hit since Aaliyah, anyway…

and last and very least


I almost hate to write about Charles Barkley, as he tends to say foolish things all the time. Hard to take him seriously, really. But I found his recent comments, so insensitive to the Fulton/Martin family, I have to say something. Barkley stated, “Trayvon Martin, God rest his soul, he did flip the switch and start beating the hell out of Mr. Zimmerman.” Yeah, he did. Why? BECAUSE A GROWN AZZ MAN LATE AT NIGHT HAD BEEN STALKING/HARASSING HIM. I would’ve whooped Zimmerman’s ass too. I mean, don’t all parents tell their kids if a stranger attacks them to either RUN or FIGHT? Mine’s did. Maybe Charles Barkley tells his to hop in the car with ’em. What an idiot.

I learned long ago that many black celebrities will sell out at a drop of a dime.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these folks made these comments just to get attention. It also shows the staggering divide between poor/working/everyday black people and rich/black celebrities. Now that they have white folks cheesing in their face (because they have $$$), get treated half-way decently by said white folks (because they have $$$), and get to live in exclusive neighborhoods with these white folks (because they have  $$$), they act brand new.  It’s pathetic, really.