Don Lemon

Well, I’m sure folks have heard about Don Lemon’s comments and the subsequent backlash…Folks have clowned him well enough, so there’s not much left for me to say. As I wrote to Romany Malco (who made similar comments a couple of weeks ago), I reject that black folks are responsible for white racism. Black folks could speak the Queen’s English, wear suits and ties, have 100% wedding rates/in “wedlock” births and white racists would still complain. Why? Because that’s what racists do. You can never make those people happy.

The Rosewood Massacres are a good example of white racist hatred. By 1915, Rosewood was mostly an all black town. The community thrived and prospered. The residents did the “right things” they were told to do as American citizens. They started their own businesses, married/had families, didn’t sag, etc. They never asked for handouts  (as this tends to be white racist rhetoric). Yet, all it took was for a white woman to utter a few words, and the whole town was burned to the ground. Here was a community of black folks that minded their business, and was wiped out in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter to white racists if you have been a “good” black person all your life. White supremacy gives white folks the luxury to believe what they want about “colored” people. If they decide you are up to no good, they can/will destroy your community/hang you up from the nearest tree. Strange fruit, indeed.  There are numerous stories of black communities being harassed/burned out because some white racist just wasn’t happy. Hell, sometimes it makes them even angrier when black folks do better than them. So, all the black folks in America could do the “white right thing,” and white racists would still be miserable.  They would look for any opportunity  to bother, arrest, or shot us in the back as we walked from the store.  Because dot dot dot THAT’S WHAT THEY DO!

Don Lemon is a fool…

P.S. In 1997, John Singleton made a film about the tragedy of Rosewood. It was okay. I hope another director revisits this story. It’s an important part of American history, that should never be forgotten:




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