Film trailer: ‘Blue Caprice’

I used to have a major crush on Isaiah Washington:

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He is also a dynamic actor. Even in B movies like “Romeo Must Die,” Washington stands out. He was so cool as backstabbing Mac (this movie came out over 13 years ago. I haven’t spoiled anything), that you kinda rooted for him 🙂 Washington should be a bigger star than he is. He has sex appeal, intelligence, and great acting skills.

Unfortunately, he screwed that up by making homophobic comments on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. I was disappointed when I read he used oppressive language against his co-workers. I cringed when he said the word again (strangely while trying to defend himself), backstage at an awards show. Later, he was rightfully forced to issue an apology.  Then he fell off the radar. Sometimes, he would pop up as a guest star on a TV show.

While I don’t appreciate the language Washington used, I also think black stars receive harsher punishments when they mess up . I mean Robert Downey Jr. had addiction/anger issues and still went on to become a big  action star. Hell, he’s even been allowed to get away with performing in blackface (yeah, yeah it was supposed to be satire). Mel Gibson is a misogynist, racist, and anti-Semitic. He has also been arrested for drunk driving. Yet, he still gets to put out a movie once a year. And, we all know about the domestic violence of Charlie Sheen.

I’m not trying to excuse Washington’s behavior. However, I do find it interesting who gets to survive scandal and who doesn’t in Hollywood. But, maybe there is hope for Washington.  He has been getting good reviews of his portrayal of Beltway sniper, John Allen Muhammad. I  hope Washington has learned his lesson.

The film made an appearance at Sundance. It looks interesting/disturbing at the same time…

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