Sleepy Hollow

I have liked  Nicole Beharie since watching her in “American Violet.”  The film was based on the true story of Regina Kelly. Kelly (and almost all the other black folks in her small Texas town) were swept up in drug busts organized by racist law enforcement. Unlike other victims who were coerced into taking a plea bargain, Kelly maintained that she was innocent of all charges.  She fought back and resisted the pressure to admit she was a drug dealer. Eventually, the ACLU stepped in and charges were dropped against Kelly and other victims. However, those that had taken the plea bargain, remained in prison. It’s an anger making movie. I would encourage folks to watch it. It shows how easily any one of us (but especially those that are poor/people of color), can get pushed/trapped in our corrupt “justice”system…

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Beharie will be staring in the new show “Sleepy Hollow.” It premieres next month. The trailer looks a bit corny, but I am still interested in watching, as I love a good thriller: