Randomness: My Black is Beautiful Inspiration Kit

This past summer, I wrote about the “My Black Is Beautiful” documentary. The short film was shown on BET (of all places). Any who, the “My Black is Beautiful” is really a movement to empower young black women. In a society that works hard to make them feel less than, black girls between the ages of 10-18 need to know that they do matter and they are worthwhile. It’s hard for many of them to believe this when everyone (including black media) is telling them their hair isn’t long/blonde enough, butts not big enough, skin too dark, etc.  So, despite this campaign being heavily product driven, I am all for what they are trying to do.

The organization offered limited free “My Black is Beautiful” Inspiration Kits.  I was able to get one . It arrived in the mail last week. I just cracked it open and it’s a small kit filled with empowerment activities for young women. There’s a Vision Board and Personal Manifesto to post photos, quotes, magazines images, to redefine what  beauty is. There’s encouragement  to write a I heart Me list  to write down the things young women like/don’t like about themselves and to work on this list everyday. The idea is that eventually they will have more good things than bad. There’s also information about how to start a journal. I think that journal writing is a good way for young black women to purge their oppression.

It’s a cute and thoughtful kit and makes me wish I had a daughter to give it to 🙂

Photo from: www.icravefreebies.com
Photo from: http://www.icravefreebies.com

Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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