Trailer: The Black Line

I think this is a new documentary that came this past winter or will be coming out soon. The promoters weren’t clear on Facebook. In any case, this film was directed by the same person who produced “Dark Girls,” D. Channsin Berry.  “The Black Line” explores life for black women in America. It looks interesting. While I do think it’s important to tell the stories of black women, it can be a thin line of sharing experiences and turning it into the stereotypical downtrodden black woman.  It’s one of the reasons why I didn’t like Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls.” Yes, it told the reality of some black women’s lives, but it was so damned depressing. Perry sucked out all the complexity/black girl power from Ntozake Shange‘s play.  This tends to happen a lot when black male directors make films about black women. It often becomes one-dimensional.

It’s like SOME black men are no better than white folks at seeing the many layers of black womanhood. Which is kind of sad, as they have better access/contact with us, than anyone else.

I would like to see more films exploring the many sides of black women.  There are so many black women in the world doing more than just being sick, depressed, or dying. Not making light of this, as these issues are important , but we can be happy/adventurous too. There needs to be  a balance of black female representation.

I wish I had some director skills…

Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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