The Best Man Holiday

My favorite three black films from the 90’s are (1) Set It Off (2) Love Jones and (3) The Best Man. I liked “The Best Man” because it showed a different side of black life. It was a romantic comedy about professional/educated black folks.  It was a polished film with good acting, good-looking people, and a decent story line. When the film first came out, I loved me some Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, and mysterious newcomer Terrence Howard.  These days, I mostly prefer Chestnut. Diggs and Howard have turned me off with some of their anti-black woman comments/behavior.  It’s hard to see them through the same lens as I did years ago. I always hope black films do well at the box office, but I might wait to watch on Netflix, unless I’m dragged to it by a girlfriend :/

PS: Don’t tell me the Nia Long’s character is still single?!  The first film did stereotype the professional black woman as being lonely/horny with cats.


In theaters November 15th