36 Hours in Barcelona

Wow, I’m ready to pack my bags 🙂

The Girl Next Door is Black

I spent about 36 hours in Barcelona recently. My friend V and I planned a 3-city tour of Spain, and Barcelona was the first stop.

We scrambled at the last minute to find a ride to SFO since the BART strike nixed our original airport-transpo plans. Thank you Lyft, for coming to the rescue!

We made it to Barcelona without incident and hopped on the Aerobus, an inexpensive shuttle to the city center and various Metro stops. As we exited the Metro station that first night on our way to the hotel, the familiar smell of ganja smoke wafted past us, not just once, but a few times. I gave my friend a knowing look. It’s like home in San Francisco! I liked the city already. If a city is down with its citizens freely hanging out with Mary Jane, chances are it’s down with other fun-loving shenanigans, and…

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Janelle Monáe

How fitting I write about Janelle Monáe on Halloween. A couple of nights ago, I attended her concert.  I am still trying to process it. As a friend posted on Facebook, “it  was like having a bizarre dream.” Monáe rocked the stage. She brought energy and personality to her set. She’s a unique/confusing (in a good way) talent in the current bland entertainment industry. I’m not that impressed with the Miley Cyruses of the music world. Hell, I grew up with Madonna. The queen of shock and controversy. No one will ever top Madonna in skin and sin  😉

So, Monáe is a breath of fresh air. I actually feel stimulated/curious about what she’s going to do next.  She keeps you on your toes.  As she said at her concert, “are y’all excited for Halloween? we’ll see if I let you out–you’re in my house now!” *Gulp*

It was an amazing show. She performed songs from her new album The Electric Lady.” A solid album from beginning to end. My favorite jams are: Givin Em What They Love (feat. Prince)Q.U.E.E.N (feat. Erykah Badu), Electric Lady (feat. Solange), It’s Code, Can’t Live Without Your Love, and What An Experience.

Monáe’s opening act was da bomb too (yep, breaking out my 90’s slang). Roman GianArthur represents the soul that’s missing from current r&b music.He did impressive covers of Lauryn Hill’s “The Sweetest Thing” and Erykah Badu’s “Bag Lady.” He is a very talented young man. I hope to hear more from him.

So, if Ms. Monáe comes to your city. Get  those tickets.  It will be a concert you will never forget…

Photo from: Uptown Magazine
Photo from: Uptown Magazine

The Logic of Stupid Poor People



We hates us some poor people. First, they insist on being poor when it is so easy to not be poor. They do things like buy expensive designer belts and $2500 luxury handbags.

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 12.11.13 PMTo be fair, this isn’t about Eroll Louis. His is a belief held by many people, including lots of black people, poor people, formerly poor people, etc. It is, I suspect, an honest expression of incredulity. If you are poor, why do you spend money on useless status symbols like handbags and belts and clothes and shoes and televisions and cars?

One thing I’ve learned is that one person’s illogical belief is another person’s survival skill. And nothing is more logical than trying to survive.

My family is a classic black American migration family. We have rural Southern roots, moved north and almost all have returned. I grew up watching my great-grandmother, and later my…

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Randomness: Weekend Tomfoolery

This past weekend, some folks decided to get their Halloween on. These photos popped up on social media:

Caitlin Cimeno, Greg Cimeno, and William Filene
Greg Cimeno, Caitlin Cimeno, and William Filene
Actress Julianne Hough
Actress Julianne Hough
Fashion Designer Allesandro Dell’Acqua and more Wear Blackface to African Themed ‘Disco Africa’ Halloween Party
Random white women
Random white women

Didn’t I just warn folks about engaging in this behavior?  Racists are soooo annoying. Blah.

Chrisette Michele YouTube Channel

Why Chrisette Michele hasn’t blown up is beyond me. She has an amazing voice and catalog of music. Michele is in the group of black female singers (Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, Kelly Price, etc.)  underrated/ ignored in favor of mainstream media promotion of the Rihannas/Beyonces. It’s a combination of these women being brown-skinned/full-figured/less sexual in their music and appearance.

I personally loved Chrisette Michele’s “Epiphany” album…

Michele has created a YouTube channel to explore fashion/makeup. The debut video is too cute and you can hear her singing in the background. It’s a fun combination. I wish her well on this new venture!!

Photo from: www.bet.com
Photo from: http://www.bet.com

Women and the Word: THE REVIVAL Documentary Film

You know I heart independent artists:

“Women and the Word chronicles the creation of an international salon-styled tour led and supported by women. It tells the story of how Jade Foster recruited a group of five dynamic poets and musicians to become stewards of a movement that builds community among queer women of color, upholds literary arts excellence, and occupies living rooms across the country.”

The women behind this documentary have started a Kickstarter campaign. Support if ya can!


i’m in love with a church girl trailer

Yeah, I think I will pass on this one. I’m shocked the film  was released to theaters. It looks horribly cliché. The good girl falling for the bad boy has been redone how many times? Then I have to pretend Ja Rule a sexy thug? I don’t think so. Any who, I think the film came out last Friday.


‘Stunts – The How To Handbook’

We rarely hear about stunt performers…you know the folks who risk life and limbs for celebrities in movies/TV shows.  When we do talk about them the focus is usually on stunt men. If a woman is brought into the mix, she tends to be white.  Women of color stunt performers are usually forgotten about. So, it’s cool to read that Angela Meryl has a new book detailing her life as a stunt performer. Meryl is a black woman and has done stunts for black women celebrities like Vivica A. Fox, Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, and more.

I bet her book is a good read 🙂

Photo from: www.imdb.com
Photo from: http://www.imdb.com



Randomness: Halloween

I love Halloween.  It’s a chance to be someone (or some thing) other than yourself. My costumes have varied from sorceress to Badass Black Woman (this year, I’m leaning towards Michonne from “The Walking Dead”). The drawback of Halloween is that folks try to use the day as an excuse to get out-of-pocket (killing black cats and other wacky stuff). But what really annoys me, is that SOME white folks see the holiday as a chance to “act” as another race, usually in degrading ways:

photos for poster

I’ve been looking for spots me and my friends can hit up this upcoming Halloween weekend. I thought I found one cool place, until I scrolled through their gallery of photos from their event last year. I noticed some questionable costumes. One white guy looked like he was dressed as an Indigenous person. He had darkened up his skin, put tribal markings over his body, and had on a deadlock looking wig. Oh, hell naw. I had to cross that place off the list. If I go to an event and I see white folks have “blackened” themselves up,  I really will be cutting off heads like Michonne.

I guess I just want folks to think about how these outfits insult folks of color. There are many great costume ideas out there, why white folks resort to blackface, is beyond me. But I best not see it…