Books for Black Girls

I used to love to read as a child. My favorite books were “Jane Erye” and “The Secret Garden.”  I also was obsessed with Judy Blume books. I wish I had more books to read that were geared for black girls/children. But this was back in the 70’s/80’s when black children’s literature was rare to non-existent.  Now, there are more books for black parents to choose from. We still have a long way to go, but to see the range of black children’s literature these days, warms my heart. The blog For Harriet, recently listed their “25 Empowering Books for Little Black Girls.”

“From the moment they come into the world, little black girls works just a little bit harder than their peers to construct a healthy sense of self in a society that prizes values and attributes that don’t mirror those they possess. We as their caregivers must help them find the way by offering them as many affirming messages as possible. We can do this with our words and by our example; however, books can also prove to be important points of contact into the souls and spirits of black girls.”

They followed up with a second list “25 More Empowering Books for Little Black Girls.”   It’s times like these, I wish I had a child. I would fill their room with all these wonderful books  🙂

“Something Beautiful” by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Preachers of L.A.

The other day, I got the chance to watch Preachers of L.A. at a friend’s house. I’m not a big lover of reality shows, so I don’t bother watching online. But, when I visit friends, it’s fun to watch to pass the time. I’m not a very religious person, but even I was shocked by these preachers.  I really don’t know how their congregations take them seriously and give them their money. One of the preachers (Ron Gibson) tried to justify his/his fellow pastors excessive wealth/flash by stating, “P. Diddy Jay Z…they’re not the only ones who should be driving Ferraris or living in large houses.” Um, since when do preachers define themselves by secular standards? I’m not saying they have to live in the poorhouse. I do understand that preachers give a lot of themselves. They are basically on call 24/7. However,  I do think they should live humbly. It’s kind of alarming to me. I was going to say that religion has become style over substance (like everything else in the world), but it’s always been that way.  I can remember the opulent display of Jim Baker and Tammy Faye. And that was back in the 80’s…