Dominican actresses teach children about self love

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The article “Artists, educators laud black heritage in DR”details the work of Dominican actresses Clara Morel and Luz Bautista Matos. The two travel with the theater group“Arbol Maravilloso.” Their goal is to empower black children (throughout the Caribbean) to love the skin they’re  in.

As darker skinned black people  (across the diaspora) continue to be degraded/phased out in mainstream media, the work these women are doing is very important. Children are more vulnerable to the brainwashing that being light/whiter is better or that natural hair is ugly…


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2 thoughts on “Dominican actresses teach children about self love”

  1. I am currently a Youth Development Volunteer with the United States Peace Corps here in the Dominican Republic and I would love to invite Arbol Maravilloso to perform during a Chicas Brillantes conference (please check out our initiative at because their message is central to the work we are doing with girls coming from barrios, campos, bateyes, and pueblos. Please let me know how I may get in contact with them and thank you!!

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