i’m in love with a church girl trailer

Yeah, I think I will pass on this one. I’m shocked the film  was released to theaters. It looks horribly cliché. The good girl falling for the bad boy has been redone how many times? Then I have to pretend Ja Rule a sexy thug? I don’t think so. Any who, I think the film came out last Friday.


‘Stunts – The How To Handbook’

We rarely hear about stunt performers…you know the folks who risk life and limbs for celebrities in movies/TV shows.  When we do talk about them the focus is usually on stunt men. If a woman is brought into the mix, she tends to be white.  Women of color stunt performers are usually forgotten about. So, it’s cool to read that Angela Meryl has a new book detailing her life as a stunt performer. Meryl is a black woman and has done stunts for black women celebrities like Vivica A. Fox, Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, and more.

I bet her book is a good read 🙂

Photo from: www.imdb.com
Photo from: http://www.imdb.com



Randomness: Halloween

I love Halloween.  It’s a chance to be someone (or some thing) other than yourself. My costumes have varied from sorceress to Badass Black Woman (this year, I’m leaning towards Michonne from “The Walking Dead”). The drawback of Halloween is that folks try to use the day as an excuse to get out-of-pocket (killing black cats and other wacky stuff). But what really annoys me, is that SOME white folks see the holiday as a chance to “act” as another race, usually in degrading ways:

photos for poster

I’ve been looking for spots me and my friends can hit up this upcoming Halloween weekend. I thought I found one cool place, until I scrolled through their gallery of photos from their event last year. I noticed some questionable costumes. One white guy looked like he was dressed as an Indigenous person. He had darkened up his skin, put tribal markings over his body, and had on a deadlock looking wig. Oh, hell naw. I had to cross that place off the list. If I go to an event and I see white folks have “blackened” themselves up,  I really will be cutting off heads like Michonne.

I guess I just want folks to think about how these outfits insult folks of color. There are many great costume ideas out there, why white folks resort to blackface, is beyond me. But I best not see it…