Chrisette Michele YouTube Channel

Why Chrisette Michele hasn’t blown up is beyond me. She has an amazing voice and catalog of music. Michele is in the group of black female singers (Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia, Kelly Price, etc.)  underrated/ ignored in favor of mainstream media promotion of the Rihannas/Beyonces. It’s a combination of these women being brown-skinned/full-figured/less sexual in their music and appearance.

I personally loved Chrisette Michele’s “Epiphany” album…

Michele has created a YouTube channel to explore fashion/makeup. The debut video is too cute and you can hear her singing in the background. It’s a fun combination. I wish her well on this new venture!!

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2 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele YouTube Channel”

  1. I liked her very first single “Best of Me,” but she fell off my radar with the following single. Then I heard “Love Is You” in a commercial and she started showing up on my Pandora station a lot. I love the way she uses her voice and I’m glad she’s still doing her own thing.

    1. Yeah, it’s interesting she’s still kinda underground. Even Janelle Monáe has surpassed her, and Janelle’s a lot more quirkier/eccentric music. I’m hoping she prefers a lo-key career and not just being left by the wayside :/

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