‘My Crazy New Jamaican Life’

The new British show ‘My Crazy New Jamaican Life’ has generated some controversy. Folks feel that the show plays into stereotypes about Jamaican men/culture. Well, that’s surprising :O/ Not really.  You know white folks rarely know how to represent black culture. They tend to go for the cliché. I‘m sure they didn’t even think about showing Jamaican women’s perspective or perhaps their interracial relationships. It’s the tired formula of trying to hammer into our heads that white women are the standard of beauty /they live these exciting lives. YAWN. As one poster observed on a blog,  So whites who are bored and unsatisfied with their culture can just hang with blacks? Can blacks just leave the black community and join their community?” Basically…





Jill Scott will play the wife of James Brown in movie

I still bump Jill Scott’s debut album. The album has solid classics like “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat),”  and “A Long Walk.” Scott has also made a surprisingly good transition into acting.  Sometimes singers who get into acting are a hit or miss (usually a miss). But Scott crossed over well. I loved her show “No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.” I still have my DVD.  So, it will be interesting to see Scott’s take on the wife of the Godfather of Soul. I’m sure she will bring it! The film is currently in production and will be released fall of 2014.

Photo from: www.theinfiniteink.com
Photo from: http://www.theinfiniteink.com

Black Girls Rock 2013 Recap

I always feel empowered after watching “Black Girls Rock.” Hell, the rest of the time society is obsessed with degrading/mocking black women/womanhood. So, it’s nice to watch a program where black women are valued. This is a very important message for black girls and young black women. Young folks are the most vulnerable to internalizing the racist/sexist propaganda used against black women.  It’s up to grown black women to provide safe spaces for black girls and show them positive alternatives. That’s why I have much respect for Beverly Bond and her creation of “Black Girls Rock.” She saw a need and did something about it.

The show was solid from beginning to end. Of course, I got a bit teary-eyed. The honorees were all fabulous and deserved their hard-earned awards. I like that Black Girls Rock not only focuses on celebrities, but the everyday black girl/woman. The grassroots work of black girls/women is not honored enough. There are so many DIY black women out there sacrificing their time, money, homes, etc., to make their communities a better place.  All the performances were on point, because black girls rock 😉  My favorite performances:

Kelly Rowland, Sevyn Streeter, and Eve

Alice Smith

Patti Labelle

 Support Black Girls Rock and their mission of positivity for black girls and young black women.