‘My Crazy New Jamaican Life’

The new British show ‘My Crazy New Jamaican Life’ has generated some controversy. Folks feel that the show plays into stereotypes about Jamaican men/culture. Well, that’s surprising :O/ Not really.  You know white folks rarely know how to represent black culture. They tend to go for the cliché. I‘m sure they didn’t even think about showing Jamaican women’s perspective or perhaps their interracial relationships. It’s the tired formula of trying to hammer into our heads that white women are the standard of beauty /they live these exciting lives. YAWN. As one poster observed on a blog,  So whites who are bored and unsatisfied with their culture can just hang with blacks? Can blacks just leave the black community and join their community?” Basically…





Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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