Randomness: minimalist lifestyle

My guy friend has been bugging me to get a bed. He thinks it’s horrible I sleep on the floor.  I used to buy air mattresses, but even the expensive ones popped after a while. So, I gave up. I have made a comfortable pallet on the floor. And that’s that. Or so I thought. My guy friend made it his mission to get me a bed (because men just have to solve the problem 😉  He called my good friend and told her of my plight. She was shocked and cried and texted my other friends.  It made sense to me later, when I started getting messages from my friends asking me if I was okay and sending me prayers. When I found out what he did, I was annoyed. Mind ya business!  My friends were  insistent on getting me a bed, so next week I will be going with folks to get a bed. *sigh* 

I know my guy friend meant well, but now when I move I will have to drag a bed with me. I told my roommate what happened and why I didn’t want the bed. She laughed.  “Yeah, people don’t understand folks that live minimalist lifestyles,” She said. I thought about what she said later and realized that’s what I was, a minimalist. I have always joked that I live like a single guy. But I think minimalist suits me better. I don’t like a lot of stuff. I hate clutter. I am constantly throwing things away. Since I move a lot, I don’t like  having big furniture. I just don’t care for a bunch of stuff.  As long as I have my books, Netflix, and the occasional whiskey sour–I’m straight. I think because we live in such a materialistic/consumerism society, folks don’t understand this type of lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I like to buy stuff. I just don’t need a lot of it.

I was really angry that my guy friend caused so much drama. But then I thought it was silly to be mad. My friends just want the best for me. There are people who would love to be given a bed. There is privilege around minimalist lifestyles (I don’t have kids so it’s easier for me to live this way). I’m just going to take the bed and enjoy it and move the damn thing when I need to. There are worse things in the world. Do you live a minimalist lifestyle?

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Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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