African Native American

The other day, I went to the local community college to use the computer. My laptop has been on the fritz. As I strolled into the library, I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo display about the lives of African Native Americans. I know it’s often a joke in black families about having “Blackfoot” blood, but the display showed there is a true connection/lineage between black folks and Native Americans.  I wanted to share this because tomorrow we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  The myth is that the pilgrims and Native Americans peacefully had a meal together. This myth white washes the brutally used against Native Americans, literally the slaughter of millions of people It also negates the reality of Native Americans today, many who are still dealing with a legacy of oppression.   So, as folks prepare to grub tomorrow, don’t forgot the truth about what this holiday represents. As black folks, we especially have a responsiblity not continue the lie. We know how it feels to have the reality of slavery/racism sugar-coated. This day was not about love, hope, and community. It was about the colonization and destruction of a people. As you give thanks for the turkey on your plate, also give honor to Native Americans.

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Me and Andrea Smith
Me and Native/Indigenous activist Andrea Smith

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