The Help

I have not read “The Help.” I have not seen the movie. And I don’t plan to do either anytime soon. I could tell just from the trailer that the movie/book was garbage. A romanticized version of black maids in the south. Blah. I’m glad the white woman character was able to find her voice/come into her own off the backs of black women. Double blah. Also, a black maid can shit in a white woman’s pie for revenge (trust me I’m not ruining anything for you) and not have anything happen to her. Come on.  Emmett Till was tortured/murdered just for whistling at a white woman.

I laughed my azz off at the whole premise of the book/film and The Association of Black Women Historians did so as well. It’s not surprising in our “post-racial” society, there has been a white washing of slavery/the Civil Rights Movement and white folks weird obsession with “reverse racism.”  It’s not surprising a book/film like “The Help” would be popular in this kind of climate.

So, I wasn’t shocked to read that The National Council of Teachers of History and The National Council of Teachers of English are pushing teachers to use “The Help” as a way to teach students about the Civil Rights Movement.  HA HA HA HA HA! Really? The irony about all this, is that books by black authors that deal with racism/oppression, are being banned in schools. I guess white authors are the ones that have the “real” insight into the lives of black folks. Triple blah.

Sign the petition.


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