Dark Girls Rock!

Years ago, I remember complaining on a blog that light-skinned black women singers were the new standard in r&b/mainstream music. At the time, Beyonce was at the height of popularity and record companies were following suit with their own “light girl” copies of Bey.  Another poster responded “Don’t worry, dark girls got next.” I guess things do work in cycles, because ten years later, it looks like dark-skinned black women are back in vogue again (how I hate saying that).

Whatever the reason why darker-skinned black women are making a comeback, it’s still exciting to see these women getting shine in black and mainstream media. I can only imagine the damage that has been done to little black girls with the constant white washing of black female images. I’m a grown azz dark-skinned black woman, and have to fight daily to keep my mind decolonized. The media works hard to make us all hate ourselves (they need us to buy products), but the hostility towards darker-skinned black women was getting  out of control. It’s refreshing to see a variety of images again in the media. This is not to say, all is better for darker-skinned black women. There is still an agenda to erase us, but we  are pushing through. Whether they like it or not. Heh.

The main person setting it off, is actress Lupita Nyong’o. Nyong’o is currently starring in 12 Years a Slave (I still haven’t seen this yet, for some reason):

Photo from: DuJour Magazine
Photo from: DuJour Magazine

Besides being gorgeous, Nyong’o received her Master’s degree from Yale School of Drama.  Nyong’o is seriously giving Anika Noni Rose a run for my new girl crush.  Man, I hate break ups 😦

Next, is my favorite new singer Laura Mvula. If you haven’t heard any of her music yet, you better ask somebody! She caused a bit of controversy with her music video “It’s Alright.”   In the song, Mvula scolds folks who criticize her for not being light skin.  On the cover of Pride Magazine, Mvula stated she was “proud to be an ambassador for darker skinned women.”

Photo from: Pride Magazine
Photo from: Pride Magazine

And last (but never least), is my girl Danai Gurira. She plays Michonne on The Walking Dead. So, that’s enough reason alone to give her props. She’s another babe rocking it for dark-skinned women. And she can wield a mean sword:

Photo from: atlantablackstar.com
Photo from: atlantablackstar.com

Shout outs to Adepero Oduye, Kelly Rowland, and Sevyn Street as well. Dark girls got it back on lock and we rocking it. It’s about time. it’s not like we went anywhere, anyway 😉

Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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