“Eat the cake, Anna Mae.”

I’ve often wondered how does Tina Turner feel when Ike’s abuse is referenced in songs. And it tends to be referenced a lot in rap songs (I tried to Google to see how often, but couldn’t pin it down) Probably because a lot of rappers see nothing wrong what was done to Ms. Turner, as I’m sure most of them are probably abusing a woman themselves.   I’m sure it has to be triggering for Ms. Turner to constantly hear about the violence she suffered from Ike. And to hear it in songs that usually glorifies/jokes about it (especially in the black music), it’s probably like a stab in the heart. I can see why she gave up her American citizenship. She’s giving the deuces to all the fools who mock and shame her.

I’ve never cared for Jay Z.  He has been pretty unrepentant about his drug dealing days (that helped to destroy black communities/families), despite being married to the “hottest chick in the game” and now a daughter–still degrades women in his music, and has been running around the country (and other countries) encouraging white folks to sing “Niggas in Paris” over and over and over again. How wonderful for us black folks, when we travel outside the country *rolls eyes.* So, not surprised he would let domestic violence lyrics roll off his tongue, in Beyoncé’s new song “Drunk in Love…”

“I am Ike Turner…Baby know I don’t play. Now eat the cake, Anna Mae. Said Eat the Cake, Anna Mae”.

Beyoncé is such a walking contradiction (as we can all be at times), it’s hard to take her seriously. But what makes her more dangerous to me, is that she sells herself as speaking up for women and a lot of younger women of color believe it.  Why she would allow her husband to rap those lyrics on her new “feminist” album? She probably had no choice. Despite running around saying she’s a woman in charge, Beyoncé has always seemed submissive around Jay Z to me.  And with his public record of his attitude toward/about women, I’m sure he is not someone you can have a genuine conversation with about women’s issues.

Instead of wasting $16 dollars on an album that mocks domestic violence, I would encourage folks to donate that money to groups like INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence  and Black Girl Dangerous. These folks  not only speak out, but engage in real activism to empower women of color.

So, free yourself from the contradictions and oppression that is Beyoncé’s new music. She is an entertainer who is being used to make black women feel bad about themselves (and to create chaos amongst black women; arguments/debates about if she really represents us). We have to resist this manipulative agenda.


Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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