Randomness: A Place at the Table

A couple of days ago, a friend posted a clip from the film “A Place at the Table” on their Facebook page….


I asked her if it was a new movie coming out, she said nope it came out a couple of  years ago. I don’t know how I missed it! The film peaked my interest as I volunteer/work on a college campus. Folks would be surprised to know that hunger is a big issue with college students. As tuition increases, financial aid cuts/loans stay stagnant, and less campus work opportunities, many students are struggling to stay afloat. Also, what we call  “non-traditional” students (first-generation, student parents, returning/older students,  veterans, etc.) are increasing on campus. These students tend to have unique barriers (e.g. an older veteran student not being aware she is eligible for benefits) that contribute to hunger crisis.

For low-income students/students of color it can be a matter of being pushed out of their communities (gentrification) into areas what are called food desertsSo, even if they are eligible for food benefits (SNAP), they have nowhere to buy groceries. They are forced to shop at the corner store with its overpriced/often outdated foods.

As noted in the clip, if our government continues its mission to oppress poor people churches and other community organizations will be the only resources for folks to get food. And these places usually have a limited amount they can give to a person/family. As Jeff Bridges pointed out, “this is not a way to combat poverty/hunger.”

I recently read an a good article about the day-to-day survival of poor people  (and the reality is  the majority of us are a paycheck from being in poverty ourselves)…. 20 Things the Poor Really do  . I think how people view the working poor/poor people contributes to them sitting back and not speaking out against the injustices being committed by our government.

Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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