Why Some Black Women Are Walking Out on Religion

I always think it’s bold when a black person publicly rejects the black church. A few days ago,  For Harriet posted an article on why some black women are leaving religion. Candace L. M. Gorham is the author of the book. She was once deeply involved with the church until she realized how traditional black churches can be oppressive to black women.   Black women tend to be very religious I am from the Deep South, and church/religion dominates the lives of many women in my family. While I wasn’t raised in the south, I was sent there a lot for summer/holiday vacations, and was forced to go to church while I was there. I always felt like an odd duck at these gatherings, because my mom didn’t push religion on me. We would sometimes go to church for Easter, but even that stopped as I got older.   I’ve been called an atheist by  some family members (I am not). Folks get real scared/ hostile when you question church. My partner is religious and he gets upset when I point out some the flaws of religion. We will see how this goes…

On a blog I like to visit, a poster pointed out there are progressive churches out there. True, but many black women/folks won’t attend these churches because they feel these aren’t  “real churches”/view them with suspicion. It’s a matter of showing black women that these other options can be empowering to them, that they don’t have to suffer at the hands of those that want to exploit them or give bad information when it comes to things like dealing with mental health. Black women need to pick spiritual methods (or not) that keep them mentally, physically, and economically healthy.


Author: Tonya J.

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