Melissa Harris-Perry, Jean Grae and Joan Morgan Discuss the Cultural Importance of Hip Hop

I consider myself 2nd generation hip hop  (mid-80’s to early 90’s). This time period is said to be the “Golden Age of Hip-Hop.”  It was the most diverse time of hip hop music/rappers. You had party/fun folks (Kid N’ Play), political folks (Public Enemy),  lyrical female emcees (MC Lyteand the freaky stuff was more underground (2 Live Crew). Hell, ya even had comedy rappers (Biz Markie).

Now hip hop music/rappers are (IMO)…meh. The genre has been taken over by Corporate America (white folks), so things ain’t been right since.  The songs that were underground/you had to sneak on your Walkman late at night as a kid, is now mainstream. And I could write a paper about how female rappers has been virtually wiped out.

I have moved on from hip hop music. I don’t know what the hell these people talking these days. It’s obvious most of them are driven by the love of money/fame than they are about putting out good/empowering music. I remember back in the day running to the record store to buy the latest hip hop tape. Now a song might grab my attention every couple of years, if that.  It’s also obvious Corporate America is white washing hip hop/rappers.

A few years ago, Eminem was named best rapper of all time (really? did Eric B & Rakim die?). Recently, Macklemore was named “Man of the Year” by Source magazine. Eh…

I know folks have been big upping  Kendrick Lamar as the new black hip hop hope. I haven’t really  listened to his music, but I thought he was interesting on BET’s cyphers.

However, it’s not enough for me to get back in the game. I know it’s a matter of me getting   older, but the music just doesn’t move me anymore. It’s also concerning the majority of it has become anti-black woman, materialistic, etc  :O/

Any who, Melissa Harris-Perry, Jean Grae and Joan Morgan discussed the cultural impact of hip hop.  Good conversation, but I think it’s interesting that many black women are still holding on to hip hop. It’s pretty much hateful towards us these days. Personally, I think we all need to kick it to the curb.  But maybe it’s hard when you still have fond memories of it.  As I’m sure Morgan and Grae do.



I remember reading Morgan’s book “When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost” for a black feminist class and “Supa Luv”  is one of my favorite cuts from Grae.  I used to bump the hell out of her “This Week” CD.

Are you a 2nd generation hip hop head? What do you think about the current state of hip hop/rappers?

What Really Happens On Vacation


Our Legaci with J.A.M. Aiwuyor

I will never forget the day I saw a grown man publicly groping and sloppily tongue kissing a young girl. She sat atop his lap as he and his friends consumed rounds of drinks and happily made sexual advances. I was researching climate change in villages neighboring Arusha, Tanzania. My roommates and I decided to have a night of fun by going to a dance club in the heart of Arusha. This was the first time I witnessed what residents of the area referred to as growing problem.

The Tanzanian Daily News recently reported that sex trafficking is getting worse in Tanzania stating, “Human traffickers exploit aggravating conditions of people of Third World countries where there are no employment opportunities and economical inequity, social discrimination, political instability and human rights abuses are widespread by promising a better life.”

Reporters, dignitaries, ambassadors and countless employees from around the world often come to Arusha…

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