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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Be safe and have fun 😉

Let’s finish out this week on African/Nollywood films with the romantic comedy/interracial love story “Fanie Fourie’s Lobola.” At first, I  planned on skipping this movie, as I’m not into romantic comedies. (1) They all end the same  (2) interracial love stories tend to be especially cliché. It annoys me how they always make the black family the biggest racists (roll eyes). So, I really didn’t have high hopes for an interracial love story set in South Africa(!) But, I decided to give it a shot.

It turns out, “Fanie Fourie’s Lobola” is a charming little movie. The story follows the complicated courtship of Fanie Fourie, a young Afrikaner and Dinky Magubane, a young Zulu business woman.

The movie has cliché romantic comedy elements (wacky relatives). And yes, the movie only touches on some of the major racial issues in South Africa. But, the film gets ya (or me and that’s saying a lot 🙂 You will cry. Trust and believe.

The second half of the film focuses on Fanie trying to get Dinky’s lobola, to ask for her hand in marriage. The lobola is the traditional dowry:

“Lobolo or Lobola in, ZuluXhosa and Ndebele (Mahadi in Sesotho, Roora in Shona, and Magadi in Northern Sotho), sometimes translate as bride price, is a customary Southern African ritual whereby the man pays the family of his fiancée for her hand in marriage. (Compare with the European dowry custom where the woman brings assets.) The tradition is designed for bringing the two families together, nurturing shared admiration, and signifying that the man is proficient of supporting his wife money-wise.”

However, Dinky is her own woman. Will she accept Fanie’s lobola offer or will she kick him to the curb? Well, if you watch romantic comedies, you know how it’s going to end.  But, it’s still a fun ride 🙂


African/Nollywood Films (4)

Hey all…sorry for the late post. Today, I went to see the Nigerian thriller ‘Last Flight to Abuja’ It was an interesting film. The film is loosely based on the plane crash of Dana Air Flight 992/Nigeria’s aviation issues. It was an interesting film. The director Obi Emelonye also attended the screening. He spoke about the booming Nigerian/Nollywood film industry and for us to be kind to his film, as most Nigerian films are made on low budgets  🙂

The acting was decent. The film supposedly stars some of Nigeria’s biggest movie stars. I don’t know who the stars are, but one guy looked just like Isaiah Washington 🙂

My one issue with the film was the obsession with relationships/romance. I know this tends to be a standard in Nollywood films, but it kind of worked my nerves 🙂 I know some of it’s because I’m not really into romantic type films, but it was also because of the portrayal of women in the film. Women were basically folks to be conquered/seduced, okay to be cheated on/lied to, and evil/manipulative. Also, all the women kind of looked alike. I also didn’t care for one of the characters lamenting about folks thinking she’s a lesbian, because she’s a pilot. This seemed out-of-place for a contemporary film…

Other than some of the eye raising gender issues, the movie held my interest. The plane crash wasn’t as scary as one would think (maybe because of the low-budget factor). And damn it, why was a character asking a woman on a romantic date, as they are going down! *Sigh* Ha, ha!

It’s still a good movie to check out:

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