Tico Armand

I was tripping when I saw these photos of Tico Armand featured on AfroPunk:




Wha-! Go girl!

 I envy women who rock the baldie look…someday 🙂

Armand is more than fabulous looking, she has an amazing story to tell:

“Her story is one of great joy and great pain, struggles, self-acceptance, identity, abuse, trauma. Haitian activist and model Tico Armand exposes her truth. From being a baby born into poverty in Haiti, to her move to Brooklyn as a young girl and the adversities she’s had to endure, her experiences filled her with the strength and the motivation to succeed. She is now an accomplished model who has graced the pages of various magazines, and runways across the globe.”http://www.afropunk.com/profiles/blogs/interview-activist-and-model-tico-armand-shares-her-powerful

Have a great weekend!