Mitrice Richardson

On a couple of blogs I visited this week, some posters were upset that so much black energy was being used on the Donald Sterling situation. A poster urged us to be more concerned about the suspect deaths of blacks people in police custody. The poster provided information about the alarming case of Mitrice Richardson:

“In September 2009, Mitrice Richardson was a 24-year-old Cal State Fullerton graduate living with her great-grandmother in Watts, working as an executive assistant for a freight company in Santa Fe Springs and preparing to become a substitute teacher.  An unpaid dinner bill in Malibu changed that. Refusing to pay the $89 she owed, Richardson was described as somone who “sounded really crazy and may be on drugs,” according to the 911 call made from Geoffrey’s restaurant.  After finding marijuana in her car, Richardson was arrested for “possession of marijuana” and “defrauding an innkeeper.”  She was determined to be sober, and according to The L.A. Times, LAPD investigators believe she may have had a severe bipolar disorder.”

Sadly, I had forgotten about this case. I’m glad the poster refreshed my memory about Ms. Richardson’s death. What makes this case so disturbing is what happened to Mitrice after she was arrested by police:

“Mitrice’s mother, phoned the Malibu-Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department several times Listen To Actual Calls out of concern for Mitrice stating that this was uncharacteristic behavior for her and that she was quite fearful. Mitrice’s mother did not want Mitrice released in the dark in an “unfamiliar” place. She was reassured by the Sheriffs that Mitrice would phone her when she arrived at the station. Mitrice was still in route to the sherriff station at that point. That phone call never came and a mother’s biggest fears were realized as her daughter was released at around 12:38 a.m. in the dark, in an unfamiliar area without her ID, purse, phone, or car.”

Mitrice was never heard from again. A year later, her body was found deep inside Dark Canyon in Los Angeles. It was a tragic ending for someone who shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place.  Let alone, released into the night without a phone/funds to take care of herself.  How did the police think she would get home? The LAPD is hella suspect in the death of Ms. Richardson.

I’m glad the parents have stayed on top of their daughter’s case. If you have informationcontact the family directly. You can do so via the family’s website Bring Mitrice Justice.

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2 thoughts on “Mitrice Richardson”

  1. It’s such a shame how things are unheard of. It’s so sad. Do we not have enough power to do things as African Americans? Are we scared? Do we just talk the talk and not walk the walk? I mean, I really don’t know what the answer is, but no one cares to mention it. We hear about our people dying, and no one knows why. It’s scary and sad. Good insightful post!

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