Spotlight On Ferguson – Virtual Freedom School

A couple of nights ago, I was heading home from having dinner with friends. I needed to catch two trains to get back to my side of town. When it was time to switch to the second train, I found my self in a huge crowd.  A basketball game had just ended and people were everywhere, also trying to get home. I tried to cross the street when a police officer/security purposely walked in my path and used his body to push me. I turned around and cussed him. He ignored me.  I hurried across the street to avoid a train hitting me. Once I boarded my train,  I thought about what happened. He did it because (1) he was a man. I can’t see him randomly pushing another man of same bulk (2) he was wearing a uniform and (3) he was white.  Black women often have to deal with a particular intimidation from white male police officers.  I shook my head and thought “the police have learned nothing from Ferguson.”

While mainstream news has kept a peripheral view on Ferguson, don’t be fooled. Ferguson protestors are still going strong. And I, like most Black folks, stand in solidarity with them.

It’s always good to document events like this, so I encourage people to support the “Spotlight On Ferguson – Virtual Freedom School” Indiegogo campaign.

“I’ve spent the last few months traveling back and forth to Ferguson, documenting and organizing against police brutality. It’s been intense. Inspiring. Invigorating. To see so many people from so many different walks of life in the streets challenging state sanctioned violence, bangin’ on the system, so to speak.Initially, I came in response to a call from local organizers for photographers and videographers to help tell the stories of resilience, sacrifice and commitment embodied by protestors, stories the media does not share or promote.”

The raw emotion in these sistas voices made me tear up. The harassment and violence against Black people needs to be stopped.


Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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