Brotherly Love

Wow, this film looks pretty bad. And cliché. Let’s see (1) crackhead black mama  (2) menacing thug brother **watch Jason’s Lyric for the epitome of this** (3) black boy student depending on basketball career/scholarship to give him a better life (4) light-skinned love interest…although for a change it’s a guy this time and (5) someone seeking fame/pop stardom. Maybe I am just getting old, but you would think films for young black folks would have progressed from these storylines by now. I was watching these type of films when I was a teen back in the late 80’s/90’s. The only difference now is characters are cussing each other out via smartphones/social media.  KeKe Palmer tends to be underused as a young actress so good luck to her and her film. But I will pass. 🙂