Mad Max: Fury Road

Recently, I was at a relative’s house flipping TV stations and came across Mad Max 2: Road Warrior. Despite the movie being over 30 years old, despite the fact I’ve watched it a million times and despite the fact we’ve come to learn that Mel Gibson is a racist/sexist/homophobic privileged white dude…I still found myself sucked into the action and drama. Of course, there’s renewed interest in this iconic film with the release of Mad Max: Fury Road.


I have no interest in seeing this film at the theater. I will wait until it hits Netflix or Redbox. I don’t even know the guy playing the main character and I tend to be meh towards Charlize Theron.  And once again, a film about the future not predominantly featuring folks of color wrecks my nerves. I can give a pass to the original 30-year-old film, but in 2015 there should have been more of an effort to have a diverse cast. It’s a known fact folks of color will dominate within a matter of 5-10 years, so contemporary sci-films that gloss over that fact usually get the side eye from me.

Remember the video by 2pac giving homage to the Mad Max tale? It was fun to see all those black folks getting their warrior style on. I will leave you with this classic jam. Happy Friday!! 🙂