Fix My Mom

The other night I had trouble falling asleep, so I scrolled Goggle Play to find something to watch. I came across Oxygen Channel’s “Fix My Mom.” Initially, I thought it was a makeover show. I was thrilled as these are guaranteed snooze fests. If you’ve seen one cut/color, dramatic cat eyeliner, and chunky heeled boot look you’ve seen them all. I snuggled deep into my covers prepared to get my zzzs on.

I was surprised to find out that the show was about mother/daughter conflict. I have always been fascinated by these type of relationships as I got along well enough with my mom (RIP). It wasn’t a Pollyanna love affair by any means, but we minded our own business.  All the mother/daughter pairings were unique, but mother/daughter Tonja and Kami were the most interesting to me. Mother Tonja gets frustrated by daughter Kami’s “soft” personality. It seems mom has bought into the strong black woman rhetoric, and expects daughter to fall in line. I felt for the daughter. I’m sure it’s hard being a sensitive young black woman in a world that expects you to always keep a stiff upper lip/have a sassy comeback. Hopefully, by show’s end the two will mend their relationship. They are too cute with their natural do’s.

The show didn’t put me to sleep but it was entertaining enough. However, I doubt I will tune in again.

Hell, I’ve got my own problems.