Billboard’s Women in Music

Recently, I asked a young woman to tell me what the quan was. She broke out in a full dance routine. What in the world. What happened to the good old roger rabbit. You know you are getting older when…

The truth is, like most Gen-X folks, I’m stuck in the 80’s/90’s musically. There are some contemporary folks I like (Janelle Monáe, FKA Twigs, Fantasia, etc.), but overall most music today is cringe worthy. And what’s with all the culture vulture /blackface antics going on with white singers today. They are annoying, but I digress.

It’s been nice to see some of the old school women comeback. One of those trendsetters, Missy Elliot, will be honored at Billboard’s Women in Music. Elliot helped revolutionize music in the 90’s and doesn’t seem to be quitting anytime soon. Good for her. We need to stop the youth obsession happening in music today. Back in the day it was not uncommon for folks to start their singing careers in their 30’s. The awards show will air this Friday on Lifetime.

Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

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