It’s Officially Fall…

and I’m tripping! It feels like I just posted I was going on blogcation. Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. I hope everyone had a great summer. I tried to stay off social media and failed miserably.  It’s hard when EVERYTHING you do is connected to the internet. I spent a lot of time with my youngin. I participated in community events. I also tried to partake in nature, which is saying a lot for me as I like the luxuries of life 😉 Overall, I had a decent summer. I think I am ready for the upcoming cooler months and seasonal festivities.  I made a short video of some of the shenanigans I engaged in these past few months. Enjoy! 🙂



Author: Tonya J.

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!

2 thoughts on “It’s Officially Fall…”

  1. Awww! You and the little sweetpea look like you all had a blast this summer. You look radiant and the sun made that melanin blinding. 👸🏾

    I’d love to know who those Black Women authors/writers/illustrators that you met. I saw something about comics? Nerd alert!!

    I can’t wait for the blog posts about your summer discoveries, plus the new content you have planned. Smooches to the nth power.

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