4 Years Forgotten

The ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan ranks right up there with Hurricane Katrina as one of the most deplorable acts against the Black community. Only slavery in America has them both beat, and that’s not saying much. All three events represent this country’s continued genocide attempts on Black people.

It’s been 4 years since Flint has had clean water. Not only do residents still don’t have drinkable water, they are being forced to pay for the tainted water.  It’s a disgrace.

Back in March, I came across the campaign “4 Years Forgotten.” It was started by 10-year-old activist, Mari Copeny. On the website, she states:

“My hometown has been in a water crisis since April, 24th 2014. Yes, for 4 years. Thousands of kids and adults were exposed to lead and other toxic chemicals in our water. When word of the crisis first broke we had media from all around the world shining a spotlight on Flint. But now, the cameras are gone and this crisis is far from being over with. To mark the 4 year mark of the Flint Water Crisis I am hoping to sell as many of these shirts for people to wear on April 24th to bring attention back onto Flint. Four Years Forgotten.” https://www.bonfire.com/4-years-forgotten/

When I think about the 2017 Women’s March, I don’t reflect on white women wearing pink pussy hats. I think about a picture I saw of three Black women standing by themselves. They were holding signs that read “DON’T FORGET FLINT.”

I was happy to support this fundraiser. It looks like Copeny and company have restarted it, so don’t miss your opportunity to get a shirt!

20180418_203148 (1)
I never know how to take selfies. Repping my 4 Years Forgotten t-shirt 🙂


Holiday Gifts: Black Girl Stuff

The holiday season is fast approaching…12 days until Christmas! It’s been hard getting into the festivities this year. It feels like so much has been going on. It’s been a long year. But this is a great time to support Black women’s businesses. Especially, after Black women saved the world again. *cough Alabama* 

If you are looking for last-minute gifts, here are some crafty Black women making fabulous things 🙂

The brilliant writer Alexis Pauline Gumbs is now selling these cozy looking hoodies! I’ve been a fan of Gumbs since I came across her website, years ago. She’s one of the editors of Revolutionary Mothering: Love on Front Lines and has a great piece in Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Movements. These hoodies are a wonderful way to show your support for Black feminist literature.


black feminsit mobile
I Am: A Black Feminist Bookmobile


I can’t remember where I saw this delicious organizer, but I’m glad I bookmarked it! The 2018 womanist agenda yearlong monthly planner is a cute accessory for those who will have a busy 2018. The organizer is filled with beautiful images of Black women/Trans/Non-Binary folks and empowering quotes.

2018 womanist agenda yearlong monthly planner 


In 2013, I got the opportunity to interview Kayin Talton Davis for the Women of Color: How to Live in the City of Roses and Avoid the Pricks zine. She talked about her shop, Soapbox Theory, and the challenges of being a Black woman entrepreneur. It’s been amazing watching her business grow. I know it’s been difficult for her to hold onto her shop, in a Black neighborhood that’s been hit hard with gentrification. Check out these new products from Davis!

black girl looks
Soapbox Theory

i heart t-shirts

Once a month, I will feature some of my favorite t-shirts.  I’ve been dreaming  of buying a t-shirt/sweater from  QuellyRue Design,  but these items sell out sooo fast.No joke. You have to be like white on rice to make sure you catch the sells. I’m not even going to bother, with the holidays coming up. I hope to get this fabulous sweatshirt  in the next couple of months (red please):

Naturally Fly Sweatshirt $65.00
Naturally Fly Sweatshirt $65.00

I have been able to purchase a couple of items from the website. A cute Kente wallet and earrings: 

Kente wallet $20.00
Kente wallet $20.00
UMOJA Unity Earrings $16.00
UMOJA Unity Earrings $16.00

But I am holding out for that sweater!!! *crosses fingers*  🙂

i heart t-shirts

DSC01345Lawd! It was hard to get a good angle of me wearing this t-shirt  🙂 It’s a cute tee that I found at a local bookstore. The t-shirt can be purchased from Out of Print Clothing.  The website has cool items featuring classic books/iconic authors. I will definitely be buying the Toni Morrison one!

i heart t-shirts

Lately, I have been on a t-shirt kick.  There are so many creative/innovative black women these days. Where were these folks when I was a young woman? probably just being born 🙂

Once a month, I will share my t-shirt love.  The first shout out is to an empowering tee I bought from the “Natural Girls Rock” blog.  It’s a great way for natural-haired black women to tell the world we are not ashamed of our hair! The t-shirt is soft and the design/lettering is cute. The tee is fitted style, so you might have to bump up a size, unless ya like it snug! What’s so cool and clever (included with your purchase) are several cute cards with fabulous hair tips/product suggestions.

You can buy the tee at http://www.naturalgirlsrock.com/