Randomness: Breaking Bad…Final Episodes

I almost fainted when I saw that the final episodes of “Breaking Bad” had been added to Netflix. I had already read the reviews of the episodes (I’m the type to read the ending of a mystery novel first), but I was still excited to see how the show would get to the ending. Bryan Cranston did a great job as Walter White.  It’s hard to believe he played the goofy dad on “Malcolm in the Middle.” Ole boy is paid for life starring on two hit TV shows!!  “Breaking Bad” was well-written, had great actors, and the cinematography was off the hook. It was a beautiful show (for such a disturbing topic). A rarity, in a contrived reality-TV show world. I will miss it (I don’t know if they should push their luck with the spin-off ‘Better Call Saul’ … but we shall see).


Randomness: Breaking Bad

I’m always late to the popular shows because I don’t have a television.  I just started watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix. It’s soo addictive. I pause it when I need to take a shower or make something to eat  :/  It’s sad really, but oh so good:

Photo from: patdollard.com
Photo from: patdollard.com

The show is well written, acted, and seems so real.  I like the Jesse character. He is very likable, for some reason. The Walter character is a bit more devious. While on the surface it looks like a good man pushed to the extremes,  I think he had it in him all along.

My only issue so far, has been the representation of brown folks. They have all been crazy/violent (I’m still on the first season).  I find it fascinating brown people are involved at all. I guess because the story is set in New Mexico. But the meth business is still predominately white. Or maybe it’s just the users? I tried to research, but it’s hard to find information about meth addictions/culture, unlike crack addictions. I wonder why dot dot dot

Other than that, great show!!