Randomness: Theresa Randle

You know how you have random thoughts? Like, you’re strolling in the Target and out of the blue you wonder,“whatever happened to all those kids from Goonies?” This happened to me the other day. Theresa Randle just popped into my head:

Photo from: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/celebrity/theresa_randle/

Randle was a known black actress in the 90’s. She wasn’t as popular as a Nia Long, but you recognized her when you saw her. And like Long (and also an unappreciated Lela Rochon), they were considered the black babe actresses, of the time. Randle was also a good actress. She gave a captivating performance in the movie on Natalie Cole’s life. I know she also had a lead role in Spike Lee’s “Girl 6,” but I’ve never watched the film.  She was a charismatic actress, though. It’s a shame, she has fallen to the wayside, like so many black actresses do in blonde obsessed Hollywood.