Ani DiFranco #FAIL

So, peeking in from my blogcation to post about the fail of Ani DiFrancoLong story short. white female indie singer DiFranco wanted to hold a feminist/social justice event on a plantation in New Orleans. Blah..well, of course, folk of color and ally white activists pointed out why it would be  wrong to hold this event on a plantation (slavery/symbolic of black oppression, you know).

Also, folks were offended that a supporter of the event basically did a “digital black face,” in which they pretend to be black and use a stereotypical dialect (there’s actually nothing wrong with not speaking “proper” English, but white racists usually use it in an exaggerated way/degrading way).

I would also say it would’ve sucked to hold it on a plantation, as black folks in the N.O. have been pushed out of the city after Hurricane Katrina. The plantation is  a reminder of the continued oppression of black folks.

After the RIGHTFUL outrage, DiFranco (an hour or so ago)issued a statement. I thought she was going to say “my bad, i was wrong to continue forward. i apologize. I understand how this could be offensive to people.” Instead, she was rude, offensive, and patronizing.  Double blah. And white feminists wonder why they continue to get the side eye from many women of color.